One in three Australian marriages ends in divorce. The rate is much higher for second and third marriages. Family breakdown, mirrored by the very high divorce rate, is the biggest problem facing Australia today.

There are over one million Australian children who live apart from their natural biological father. This epidemic of fatherlessness is closely related to the increased levels of family breakdown in our society. Dr Bruce Robinson, University of Western Australia and author of 'Fathering from the Fast Lane' has estimated the cost of fatherlessness in Australia to be over 13 billion dollars per year.

The 'Good Marriage' Campaign aims to raise a minimum of one million dollars to help prevent marriage breakdown and turn the tide of fatherlessness in Australia today. The majority of divorces and unhappy marriages could be avoided by paying attention to the little issues in life, before they become big issues.

The 'Good Marriage' Campaign is all about reminding people that the little things are important. When couples take care of the little things, the big things tend to look after themselves.

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